Who the heck is Hillstomp?


Hillstomp is currently a family of four two-legged creatures, one dog, 19 chickens (last count) and plenty of wildlife coexisting on 55-acres in Beavercreek. Among the two-legged creatures, there is Max. At 9-years-old, he is our lead thrasher and bottomless source of chi. Ella (seven times around the sun) seeks out corners for fairy houses and whispers to chickens. Hillbilly Holly is the mama bear, leader of the homeschool and watcher of sprouts. Jason is papa bear, our anchor and infrastructure.

Our passion is connection - to land, to fellow two-leggeds, to all things alive. We seek to share this experience and tend to your growth as well as our own - though, truth be told, we are just seedlings ourselves. Our hope is that this land harvests fruits and vegetables, but also voices and stories needing to be told, hootenannies and hoe-downs, tears and belly-laughs, sanctuary and play. 



(619) 807-9004



21240 S Upper Highland Rd
Beavercreek, OR 97004




Lead Thrasher

Lead Thrasher

Chicken Whisperer

Chicken Whisperer